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Together with the Styria health forum Med.Over.net, with which zurnal24.si complements each other in various areas, the news website achieves first place on the Slovenian market. The news website zurnal24.si was established under the Styria Media Group in 2007, and it alone made it to second place in overall rankings by the reach of Slovenian websites. The website reaches from 620.000 to 740.000 unique users per month, which translates to more than 50 per cent share on the market. Zurnal24.si is innovative in many ways and is the only news website in the region that survived the transformation from print to online only.

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Market share

Unique Visitors: 680.000 

Visits: 13.865.135

Page Impressions: 31.056.654

Source: MOSS, Slovenian Online Media Currency


Managing director

Miro Mauhar

Matej Košir


žurnal media, d. o. o.
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SI - 1000 Ljubljana
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