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A portal specialising in health and vitality, missZdrava plays a very important role in adopting habits for a healthy lifestyle among Croatian internet users. In cooperation with experts from various areas and with the goal of improving the quality of life of its visitors, the editors of the portal promote learning and appreciation of topics from the fields of healthy nutrition, health, vitality, fitness, wellness, beauty,  psychology and ecology. Very much in demand is the reliable advice of specialised experts alongside plenty of fun and useful content such as personalised interactive tools, by means of which one can find the ideal diet, fight calories or even precisely calculate the risk of getting a certain disease.

The missZdrava portal also organises various off-line projects for its readers. At the educational forums, users can get advice from experts, find a solution for their problem and exchange experience with other readers of the portal, all with the goal of additional education and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

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