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wogibtswas.at is the expert for trade marketing and reaches one million consumers per month and helps the stationary trade to more business visits through digital offer communication. With a reach of 3 million potential advertising contacts, wogibtswas.at is Austria's largest portal for trade offers and discounts. However, the range of services now goes far beyond this. With innovative technical solutions, the product portfolio is constantly being expanded to offer customers all-inclusive solutions for their online presence. In 2018, wogibtswas.at was taken over 100% by the Offerista Group, in which Styria holds a stake.


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Market share

Unique User per Month: > 1 Mio.

Unique User per Month: >1 Mio

Page Impressions per Month:  30 Mio

Average Time spent/Page Impressions per Visit: 3,5 Min. & 50 Page Impressions per Visit

App Downloads total: > 1 Mio

Source: Internal Data 2020


Managing director

Oliver Olschewski

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