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Shopping for good value is now really easy. One glance at ‘wogibtswas.at' or in the app is enough to gather information on current offers or to leaf through flyers online.

Wogibtswas.at is Austrias largest best buy portal and displays around 40,000 special offers and 200 flyers from all sectors. The service covers all the large retail chains along with smaller, regional businesses, including opening hours and outlets.

Ideally for people on the move, there is also a ‘wogibtswas.at' app for smartphones. With this application you've always got the flyers handy in your pocket and you can find out about current offers close by, wherever you are.



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Market share

Unique Clients: 1,195,388

Visits: 2,537,746

Page Impressions: 36,836,265

Source: ÖWA - 2017


Managing director

Oliver Olschewski

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wogibtswas.at GmbH
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Tel: +43 / 664 / 88581365