Willhaben launches TV campaign “Objects with a history”

With its new TV campaign, willhaben, the digital marketplace, relies on as many as three different spots to address the target groups of fashion lovers, “petrol heads”, as well as those interested in real estate.

Mercedes Krutz, willhaben marketing manager, dedicated the spots to special stories that are typical for willhaben. “Every single one of the more than four million willhaben adverts has a story of its own. Three of them are told in detail and we’re giving the objects the main part. We let them tell us about their previous owners, their unique travels, or their change in the course of time, which makes them absolutely unique.”

“Willhaben is one of the best known and most popular national brands and a place in which millions of Austrians make important purchasing decisions on a regular basis. The linking and driving elements here are the emotions that are intrinsic to the objects on offer. With this campaign we’re exploring the phenomenon and conveying the positive feeling you get when you’ve found something special, rare or a bargain on willhaben”, adds willhaben manager Sylvia Dellantonio.

The spots were created together with Donnerwetterblitz, A AND R S and Kaiserschnitt. Thomas Schmidbauer of Donnerwetterblitz: “In addition to the staging of product stories, this new series of spots sets an example regarding modern image language and atmosphere, which reflects the completely refurbished design and functionality of the willhaben app perfectly.”

Go to willhaben spots here:
willhaben – TV-Spot 2017 - #dingemitgeschichte - Marktplatz

willhaben - TV-Spot 2017 - #dingemitgeschichte - Immobilien

willhaben - TV-Spot 2017 - #dingemitgeschichte - Auto & Motor



Agentur: Donnerwetterblitz: http://dwb.at/
Kreativteam: A AND R S: http://www.aandrs.at/
Produktionsfirma: Kaiserschnitt: http://www.kaiserschnitt-film.com/
Musik: Johannes Umlauft