Vecernji list - Media engine of modern Croatia

Modern Croatia has a strong media engine – Večernji list, a traditional national paper with strong regional editions, the leader on the advertising market. The paper is characterised by two major quality features: everyone in Croatia knows Večernji list as a media brand (100% recognisability) and one in three readers, prompted by the word "newspaper", thinks of Večernji list first.

Večernji list was the first media company to launch an online news portal in Croatia back in 1999. From day one, the greatest effort was put into delivering the newest and most accurate information to readers. Constant development through the years made into the fastest growing multimedia news portal in Croatia.


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Market share, print

Readers: 154,417

Reach: 4.7 %

Source: MEDIApuls 2018

Distribution area: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Austria & Slovenia

Frequency: daily (Mo-Su)

Market share, online

Unique Visitors: 5,808,625

Visits: 25,905,441

Page Impressions: 65,156,712

Source: GemiusAudience - 2018



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