University Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Johann Trummer (1940 - 2019)

Styria Media Group AG sadly communicates that university professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Johann Trummer passed away on July 18th, 2019 at the age of 80.


As chairman of the Katholischer Medien Verein (Catholic Media Association), chairman of the board of Katholischer Medien Verein Privatstiftung (Catholic Media Association Private Foundation), as well as long-standing chairman of the supervisory board and deputy chairman of the supervisory board of Styria Media Group, Johann Trummer has decisively shaped the values, the stability and the growth of our group of companies in the past 35 years.

Johann Trummer was born in 1940 in Bruck an der Mur, studied theology, musicology and history at Graz University and organ and harpsichord at the Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst (University of music and performing arts). In 1964 he received his ordination to priesthood and his doctorate in theology, which in 1965 was followed by a diploma in organ and harpsichord. Johann Trummer served as secretary for bishops Josef Schoiswohl and Johann Weber. From 1969 to 2006 he was member of the board of Graz Priesterseminar - seminary. In addition, Johann Trummer was head of the Department for Church Music at Graz University of music and performing arts visiting professor at St. Petersburg and Minsk music academies and member of the board of the New Bach Society in Leipzig.

Johann Trummer was many different things: priest, artist, teacher, media person, mentor. The fact that he put all talents of his personality into the service of our group of companies, both selflessly and tirelessly, fills us with deep gratitude.

When Johann Trummer was elected chairman of the Catholic Media Association in 1983, this association still was the basis of Styria’s entrepreneurial activities. Johann Trummer assumed personal responsibility associated with his chairmanship just as naturally as he later, with his own personal sense of reality and farsightedness, defended the legal reorganisation of Styria to a joint-stock company, which was established in 1997.

As Chairman of the Supervisory Board (from 2011 as deputy chairman of the supervisory board) of this public limited company and as chairman of the board of the newly founded Katholischer Medien Verein Privatstiftung, Johann Trummer, as the top ownership representative, steered and accompanied the transformation of the Styria group of companies into a multimedia, internationally active media group with great prudence and as a corrective.

The basis for Johann Trummer's assessments and decisions always were Christian values and thus the resulting obligation to stand up for human dignity in particular. The principle of independence was the backbone of his personal and entrepreneurial actions. And despite all consequences, even if uncomfortable for himself, he never made any concessions in this respect. A lasting merit that Johann Trummer earned for Styria was having maintained distance in certain situations, asserted his position and fought through conflict elegantly.

Styria Media Group AG bows in great gratitude to a very special person, who will be deeply missed for his commitment, his experience, his advice, his actions and his friendship.


Markus Mair, Chairman of the Board of Styria Media Group AG                          

Dr. Friedrich Santner, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Styria Media Group AG