Styria Media International acquires minority shares in Feniks Media and OverNet in Slovenia

Styria Media International has acquired minority stakes in Feniks Media d.o.o. and OverNet d.o.o. Feniks Media operates the news portal (rank 5 in the current Slovenian digital ranking MOSS*), OverNet the largest health portal and forum in Slovenia,  MedOverNet (ranked 8th in the MOSS ranking*). With these two investments, Styria is expanding its strong position in the Slovenian digital market, where it has already been present with the leading marketplace portal bolha and the Slovenian job portal number 1, mojedelo.

Joint #1-position**
Žurnal24 and MedOverNet are portals that perfectly complement each other due to their different user structure. Both are among the top10 Slovenian websites. With their combined traffic (net reach, real users according to MOSS, January 2019), and MedOverNet reach the number 1 position: with 750,000 "real users", which represents a total reach of 57% **.

Styria plans for higher share
It is an essential part of the investment by Styria Media International to continue the positive development of and MedOverNet with its proven teams of employees. Styria Media International plans to even increase its stake within the next three years.


Styria Media International GmbH is the operating holding company of Styria Media Group AG for its media operations outside of Austria and the leading Digital News group in South-East-Europe. Among others, it holds Styria’s 100% shares in Croatia’s leading news portals and daily newspapers 24sata (#1***), Vecernji list (#2***) and Poslovni Dnevnik (#1 business news***), as well as the minority stakes in Montenegro's daily newspaper and news portal number 1, Vijesti, and the Slovenian daily newspaper group Dnevnik.

* Net reach according to MOSS, January 2019, Real Users
** Net reach (Real Users) by combining the reaches considering the double users, MOSS, January 2019
***Net reach according to Gemius Croatia, January 2019, Real Users