Styria Media Group opens the most modern newspaper printing plant in the world

30 million euros for industry 4.0 and the future of newspaper printing: The Styria Media Group has invested in its printing plants in Graz-Messendorf, St. Veit/Glan and Zagreb with a total of around 220 employees and celebrated this yesterday with hundreds of guests at the "Druck Styria" in Messendorf. 


The world's most modern newspaper printing and mailroom systems were installed by Manroland and ferag, long-standing partners of the international media group. "The project phase went without a hitch, we have been working continuously towards industry 4.0 and automation for over a year", the managing directors of the Styria Print Group, Christian Wilms and Alexander Marko, are pleased to report. Fully automatic paper and plate handling as well as automatic ink and dampening solution control characterize the new machine in Messendorf, at the same time the mailroom systems were completely renewed. "The market is already reacting to our expanded, modernised range," say the managing directors about a "very good first quarter and new orders in the newspaper and advertising sector". 

Kurt Kribitz, the Styria Media Group board member responsible for the department, is proud of this new "marvel of technology": "The fact that after several years of planning and negotiation, millions of individual parts ultimately mesh correctly, fills one with quiet joy. All this was created by human beings". With its own media, the Styria Media Group reaches around one million readers every day in the south of Austria alone. "Print is a learned medium and will be indispensable for the advertising industry for a long time to come due to its high credibility and efficiency. And competition with digital platforms continues to spur us on," says Kribitz: "We believe in print, success proves us right."

CEO Markus Mair also emphasizes: "Print is noticeably genuine. We become even more aware of this in times of digital transformation and fake news. The media world is changing, but it can and must also rely on its roots and combine both in a meaningful way. This is the only way to create something great, something new," says the STYRIA CEO. "Investing more now in optical quality and upgrading is a logical step. One of the tasks of a responsible media company is to ensure reliable, well-researched content as well as an appealing outward appearance. With this investment, we have fully succeeded in doing this."
On the occasion of yesterday's opening, today's Kleine Zeitung - the largest customer of the Styria Print Group - is adorned with a twelve-page special section.