Styria Media Group invests in high-tech printing

Through investments totalling 30 million euros in its two printing sites in Austria, Styria Media Group is steering its print portfolio into the future. This as a judicious complement to digital business.

Styria continues to write – and print – its success story: through till the end of 2018, the internationally active media house is investing a total of 30 million euros in print:  in two new printing machines in Graz, a complete renovation of the printing machine in St. Veit and in three new mailroom systems at the two sites, in order to be in a position to steer the cross-mediality of all of its brands and partners successfully into the future. The print portfolio will also be extended, with even more special advertising formats and further features which, going forward, will underline Styria’s reputation as a bold, innovative media business and offer its customers and readers even more: high tech, in print too. The corresponding contracts have now been signed by the two “Styria Print Group” managing directors, Christian Wilms and Alexander Marko, along with representatives of the business partner and supplier, Alexander Wassermann and Markus Bader (Manroland), as well as Jürg Möckli and Enrico Caruso (Ferag).
Kurt Kribitz, director responsible for this area, explains: “For Styria, this move signifies a clear  commitment to continue to foster the success of all print products. The fact that we are placing just as much focus on digital business, for example on our online portals and our marketplaces, serves as proof that print and digital aren’t mutually exclusive for us. Quite the opposite: they complement one another in a promise of success.” 
CEO Markus Mair underlines this: “We are convinced that printed newspapers will continue to be important and serve a purpose in the future. Here our consistently strong brands, like ‘Kleine Zeitung’ and ‘Die Presse’, are significant factors for Styria to be placed to make a decisive contribution to shaping the Austrian media landscape going forward. In print and digital formats.”