STYRIA Media Group awarded at Global Media Awards in the USA

At the "INMA Global Media Awards" in Washington D.C., for which 220 media companies from 39 countries submitted projects, STYRIA brands received awards in several areas.  

In the category "Best Execution of Native Advertising" Styria Content Creation (SCC) achieved third place with an extremely successful digital campaign for the new SEAT Ibiza model. The project focused on sponsored content consisting of various elements: Articles as native ads and sponsored stories, videos, social media, an influencer cooperation and in-app activities. Central partners were styria digital one, miss, the sports portal Spox and influencer Daniel Klein. This is the tenth award this year for SCC. "The INMA Award is essential for us because it shows that we are perceived internationally for both our print and our digital competence and can thus further increase customer awareness," emphasizes Eva Maria Kubin, Managing Director of SCC. "Third place at the Global Media Awards is the icing on the cake and provides additional attention," says Manfred Huber, Head of Marketing and Sales at SEAT (Porsche Austria). The campaign has clearly achieved the goals.

The Croatian STYRIA daily 24sata has also won several awards: the jury chose the project "JoomBoos Magazine from Cringe to Lit" in the category "Best New Print Product" as second place. Videostar magazine is something special because it offers analog content for the generation of digital natives: The stories are about what young users usually know from the Croatian YouTube channel "JoomBoos" - everything about influencers and their lives: from fashion to fun and gaming to training topics.

Third place went to 24sata in the category "Best Use of Video" for "Gone But Not Forgotten" - a documentary format that is published weekly on Facebook, and YouTube: the focus was on the emotional stories of more than 1500 people who have been missing since the Balkan War some 25 years ago. Furthermore 24sata received two "Honourable Mentions": one in the category "Best Launch of a Brand or Product to Create an Audience Segment" - for the project "This is Me#WATCHmeGO! The aim was to increase awareness and reach for the youthful, feminine 24sata brand Miss7. And secondly for "The Shared Dream Became Reality" in the category "Best Execution of Native Advertising" - a campaign for Coca Cola, for which 24sata had produced its own YouTube series.

"These awards are further proof of 24sata's market leadership on all platforms in Croatia. We will continue to work hard every day to improve our content by pursuing global trends and innovations. Each of our awards is a product of the teamwork of the entire editorial team and the synergy between all departments," says Goran Gavranovic, Editor-in-Chief of 24sata.

Markus Mair, CEO of STYRIA Media Group, is also proud: "The awards of the Global Media Awards underline that the brands of STYRIA Media Group also gain reputation for themselves internationally with innovative projects and campaigns. It is very satisfying that a digital business model like JoomBoos has also grown into a successful and now award-winning print product".