Styria Media Center Graz is now fully grown

Some 85,000 man hours, 18,000 cubic metres of concrete, 1800 tons of steel and 13 storeys finished. The topping-out ceremony in the building shell of the new Styria Media Center Graz (Conrad-von-Hötzendorfstrasse) presented the opportunity to thank all project participants and workers for their input, commitment and work. "We have not quite finished the topping-out yet," said PORR branch manager and opening speaker Peter Schaller. "But we wanted to have the ceremony while all the workers were still on site."

Removals planned for 2015
Excavation works on the site kicked-off a good year ago. Today the building shell, with its 60 metre office tower and 18,000 square metres of office space, is almost completed. What is currently the largest high-rise construction project in the province of Styria will be the new home to Styria Media Group as of 2015. State-of-the-art working space will be available for 1200 employees in the Jakomini district of Graz.

"A strategically perfect situation"
Markus Mair, chairman of the executive board of Styria Media Group AG, described the topping-out ceremony as a "beautiful moment". After a long phase deliberating whether and how the new building would be constructed, a great deal has now been achieved. The new Styria Media Center is "the gate to the city centre of Graz". It is constructed in a strategically good position, from which core markets including Slovenia and Croatia can be accessed quickly. Indeed, thanks to the height of the building, they are even visible. Mair thanked workers, the team of architects from ArchConsult, who had created a "beautiful building" as well as Grazer Wechselseitige for the project management.

Topping-out payment, a kind of ‘compensation for pain and suffering'
Malte von Trotha, CFO of Styria Media Group, handed the topping-out payment over to the construction team represented by foreman and site supervisor Walter Sommer from PORR construction company. It is Sommer's last project before his retirement, a circumstance honoured particularly by von Trotha: "This is a great honour for us." The construction management team also received a topping-out payment, or rather a kind of "compensation for pain and suffering for the changes we made", said the CFO with a wry smile.

Happy guests
The official part of the celebration ended with a topping-out-proverb spoken by an apprentice, who took a deep sip from a glass of wine, only then to throw it on the floor for good luck, in line with tradition. This was followed by applause from, amongst others, board member Klaus Schweighofer, Nicola Kasakoff (Styria), Josef Praschinger, Othmar Ederer, Patrick Pongratz (Grawe), Hermann Eisenköck and Martin Priehse (ArchConsult) as well as Hubertus Kröll and Oduala Olugbenga (PORR).