Styria group radio stations in first place again

Styria’s stations achieve record scores in the current Radiotest. Practically every third Styrian and Carinthian listens to Antenne. The Styria stations succeeded once again in asserting their leading positions in their respective federal provinces.

It’s all lighting up yellow, because Carinthia and Styria are listening to Antenne. The evidence is in the latest Radiotest figures: Antenne Styria and Antenne Carinthia are regional number 1 in each corresponding federal province. With market shares of 29 percent (Styria) and 26 percent (Carinthia), the Styria stations succeeded in asserting their respective leading positions once again this year in the target group from age 14 to 49 that’s so relevant to advertising.

“We were able successfully to defend our number 1 position and leave all the regional competition behind”, said a delighted Gottfried Bichler, managing director of Antenne, regarding the results of the latest Radiotest. I would like to thank our listeners, customers and partners for tuning in every day and for their great support. Not forgetting the untiring dedication of the entire Antenne team – only with them is such success possible”, said Bichler.

The daily reach figures of the Styria stations, at 30.7 percent (Styria) and 28.8 percent (Carinthia), underline how firmly the world of radio in the south of Austria is in Antenne’s hands. Be it on the car radio, via app on mobiles or tablets – in this digital age too, the might of the medium of radio remains unbroken. Practically every third Styrian and Carinthian aged between 14 and 49 listens to Antenne every day in order to be entertained and informed by the Antenne team when they get up, drive, work or party.

What distinguishes Antenne is its modern regionality and close bond with listeners. Antenne Carinthia and Antenne Styria will be living up to these claims once again from the end of August when this year’s Antenne key hunt kicks off. For three weeks, the Antenne teams will tour the country distributing keys, with which, and a little luck, the winner will lay claim to their very own new car. 

Source: All data from Radiotest 2017_2 (2016/2017), GfK Austria GmbH, 14-49 years old, Mon-Sun, based on federal province. Figures quoted without corresponding fluctuation margin. No liability is assumed for figures quoted.