Styria Digital Marketplaces acquires majority stake in technology provider Trikoder

With the increase in ownership from 26% to 80% of the technology company Trikoder d.o.o. Styria secures the pole position for further expansion of its leading role in the growth market of digital marketplaces - with the best possible technology “under the hood“.

Styria and Trikoder have been working together successfully for more than ten years. The new intensified cooperation with Styria’s Digital Marketplaces will create a significant competitive advantage in terms of speed, know-how, cost-effectiveness and innovation.
Trikoder was founded by Daniel Petljak, Vedran Križek and Marin Kobeščak in the mid-2000s as an independent company with its headquarter in Zagreb. It has already developed numerous Styria portals in Croatia, Slovenia and Austria, one of them being njuš, the Croatian #1 in Classifieds.