STYRIA Croatia again among most popular employers for students

At the presentation of the latest "Golden Index Award", the "eSTUDENT" association once again honoured STYRIA as an employer: in the category "Professional support and organization of projects for students". Since 2011, the prize has been awarded to companies that, through various activities and financing, provide students with opportunities for better education and professional practice. Only young people in training were able to vote for employers. For STYRIA in Croatia this is already the eleventh Golden Index in the past ten years.

"I would like to thank all our students who see us as a good employer and where they want to start their career, but also the students who follow us and actively participate in the activities and projects we organise for students. Special thanks also go to our employees who are willing to contribute to various projects and committees as mentors, lecturers and discussion partners and to selflessly pass on their knowledge and experience," says Ana-Marija Marjanović from STYRIA Human Resources Management in Croatia.

The reason for the award is certainly the Styria:SCOOL Academy, which is aimed at students of all disciplines and has the goal of imparting new knowledge and skills in media professions. In addition, the "Project Iskustvo zlata vrijedi" (Eng. "Experience is Gold"), which enables students with disabilities to complete professional internships in companies in Croatia. Or "Hrvatska pamet Hrvatskoj" (Croatian Spirit for Croatia), a project that encourages students to focus their ideas and potential on projects related to Croatia's economic progress. And, of course, the 24sata School of Journalism, which opens its doors to students for a professional engagement in a leading media company in Croatia.

"We have launched the STYRIA:SCOOL Academy Programme 2012 to help young people enter the labour market by offering internship opportunities among top experts, providing practical skills and promoting guided teamwork. With the opportunity to win a scholarship for the best," says Ana-Marija Filipović, Croatian HR team leader. 

The Styria:SCOOL Academy has meanwhile developed into an important educational project of the STYRIA Group in Croatia. In eight years of its existence 145 students from all disciplines have passed through it. "We are proud to have given most of the participants the opportunity to work in the companies of the STYRIA Group in Croatia. We are also proud that they appreciate us as a sought-after employer and partner on their professional path. What they show us year after year by awarding us the Golden Index is proof that we are on the right track and that we should continue to invest effort and work in SCOOL and similar projects," adds the HR team leader.

eSTUDENT is a non-profit association founded in 2004 on the initiative of proactive students and assistants, with the desire that the association and its members act as initiators of change, gain practical experience and build a network of knowledge.  

Today, eSTUDENT is the largest and most active student association in Croatia with students from various departments of the University of Zagreb, Rijeka and Varaždin. Every year more than 20 projects are organized, in which thousands of students from Croatia and the whole region participate. At present, they cooperate with more than 70 partners, which are active in Croatia, but also worldwide. The goal of eSTUDENT is to provide students with additional education through project work, support and quality improvement of their studies. 

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