‘SPORTaktiv', founded in 2000, is a media-based adviser and coach for all people in Austria actively engaged in sport with a view to achieving a greater quality of life through regular hobby sports and fitness activities.

‘SPORTaktiv' offers technically well informed reporting on the subjects of fitness, running, cycling, outdoors, winter sports and other kinds of hobby sports. In addition, in its special ‘EVENT' section, ‘SPORTaktiv' offers the largest events platform for hobby sportspeople in Austria.

With a circulation of 70,000, ‘SPORTaktiv' is the largest PRINT sports magazine in Austria. ‘SPORTaktiv' is distributed via sports retailers, tobacconists, through subscription, at sports hotels and sports events. ‘SPORTaktiv' magazine is produced by Top Times Medien GmbH in Graz.

‘SPORTaktiv' has been represented ONLINE since 2013 on This new portal includes not only the active sports topics mentioned above but also the largest platform for relevant ‘SPORTaktiv' hotels in the Alpine region. 

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data & facts

Market share, print

Print circulation: 65,167

Source: ÖAK 2018

Distribution area: national

Frequency: 6/year

Market share, online

Unique Visitors: 116,351

Visits: 235,061

Page Views: 1,091,400

Source: XITI Webanalytics Data - 2018


Managing director

Mag. Alfred Brunner, MBA

Ronald Tomandl


Mag. Klaus Molidor


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