Among the services are all areas essential for the success in the core competencies: newspaper printing, pre-press, logistics, information technology, accounting and agencies. With these in-house services, the brands of Styria are guaranteed optimum support.

The three big newspaper printing houses in Graz, St. Veit a. d. Glan and Zagreb belong to the Styria Print Group. In the field of pre-press, Styria Media Design is a reliable partner. In order to guarantee professional care of customer relations, Styria Marketing Services was founded in 2013. This bundles together all companies and areas that manage the customer life cycle on behalf of the Austrian Styria Groups.

The marketing service provider >redmail, which has been wholly owned by Styria since the end of 2010, guarantees a daily newspaper delivery, whilst Fides and Styria Media Technology are partners in the fields of accounting and information technology for the companies of Styria.

Digital service providers such as Tailored Apps and Trikoder, as well as agencies such as Radio Content Austria who specialise in the production of audio and video products, round off the portfolio of the Styria-Service Company.