Scrum Master

Katharina Klotz

What's it all about?
To be able to stay at the forefront as a provider of the best content management solutions for digital media, you have to be agile in your work and highly flexible. Here the scrum framework helps people to be fast, up-to-date and reliable in software development. In this, the scrum master takes on the role of "servant leader" in the development team, principally helping their team to work free of distractions and consequently to be successful.

What previous experience / training helps here?
Experience in the area of software development is helpful, although programming knowledge is of secondary importance. What's indispensable are good communications skills, a structured way of working, not forgetting a certain degree of tenacity. On the basis of corresponding qualification steps, the international "Scrum Alliance" certifies the various roles in scrum teams (scrum master, product owner, developer).

What are the career prospects?
In most technology sectors it's just about classical career terms like "advancement" or "promotion" in the direction of further horizontal development or specialisation within a particular function. So the typical career path of a successful scrum master doesn't have to lead to a hierarchically "higher position in the conventional sense, but rather very often to a great scrum master and on to an excellent scrum master ...

What's special about it?
As a scrum master you have a direct influence on the success of your team. You don't decide what work will be done or how, but rather you're continuously ensuring that questions about "what" and "how" get answered in the best possible way. The chance to help your team to achieve the maximum level of success, ensuring the best possible conditions and morale, is both your daily objective and motivation.