At the award ceremony of the Austrian Radio Prize (Österreichischer Radiopreis), Antenne Steiermark won one gold, two silver and two bronze awards.

This year, the Antenne Steiermark team was nominated in no fewer than five of a total of eleven categories of the Austrian Radio Prize. With these prizes, which are awarded by an independent jury, the association of Austrian private stations, the ORF and the Rundfunk- & Telekom-RegulierungsGmbH recognise “outstanding performance in audio broadcasting”. On Monday the award winners were announced in the context of a gala evening at Vienna town hall – with great cheering amongst the Styrians. Because Antenne can celebrate one gold, two silver and two bronze awards.

Wake-up show presenters Thomas Axmann, Simone Koren-Wallis and Roland Schmidt won silver. Together they create the most successful morning show of all Austrian regional radio stations according to Radiotest 2016. “We do both, we inform and entertain at the same time”, is the trio’s explanation of their successful concept. The three presenters have done numerous things together and with enormous response from their listeners. One highlight was their legendary “Mission crane”  – 125 hours in a container hovering 15 metres above the ground.

Axmann can also celebrate bronze in the category of “best presenter”. Radio for him is not just a show; “Axi”, as they call him, also wants to get things going. That’s something he’s demonstrated rather impressively several times already. His latest activity was “Axi auf Achse” [Axi on the road]. Touched by the plight of four-year-old Elena, who urgently needed money for a special wheelchair, last year he embarked on a six-day trip through Styria on foot in order to collect for this family and reached a total of 78,000 euros.

Thomas Seidl won bronze in the category of “Best newcomer”. You’ve been able to listen to this “multi-functional” talent on Antenne Steiermark since 2012 in all kinds of different roles; on the morning show as well as on the popular “Lemmerer am Samstag” show.

Creativity as a core competence – this is also true for drive-time presenter Markus Dietrich, gold winner in the category “Best comedy”. With “Dietrich muss weg” [Dietrich must go out] he invented a very popular format in Styria. “I’m turning the tables”, he laughs. “Here the listener becomes the presenter”. The result is comedy from listeners for listeners – a daring but highly successful radio experiment.

Where would radio be without spectacular competitions? Antenne Steiermark was also rewarded in this category (officially called “Radio promotion”), winning silver for the Antenne key hunt. This activity involved getting hold of keys, one of which would ultimately open the doors of a brand-new Seat Leon for the happy winner. This activity has been topic of the day in Styria – just like so many things that were invented by the creative radio producers.

“Extremely happy and proud of his team”, said director Gottfried Bichler as he expressed his gratitude to all Antenne Steiermark staff for their unparalleled and untiring commitment. “It’s a special distinction if our claim to offer the best programme and features for our listeners is rewarded with awards on a national level.”

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