radio presenter and reporter

Mathias Pascottini

What's it all about?
A radio presenter entertains and informs hundreds of thousands of Styrians every day, accompanying them through their day. He gives people inspiration for conversation, gets them laughing and is a resident guest in the cars, bathrooms and offices of his listeners.
As a reporter he covers political events, regional stories and outstanding people. Every day he reassures people that "the world's OK" and passes on the most important information. He's close to all Styrians and part of their lives.
In addition, a reporter also looks after Antenne's online platforms. He puts together Facebook posts, records videos, creates content for the firm's homepage and interacts with users.

What previous experience / training helps here?
Many paths can lead to this job. Because the most important aspect isn't training but rather the characteristics you bring with you. A radio presenter / reporter has to be really interested in what's going on around him, has to sense what people are concerned about and has to have a "good rapport" with them. The vocal capabilities have to be right too, of course.
There are several potential training routes that aid entry to the job, for example technical college courses in journalism or university courses combining media studies. Another good route of entry is through work experience. Some radio staff came in the holidays, then stayed.

What are the career prospects?
In radio, the hierarchical structure is very flat. Presenters with the right skills can quickly progress to hosting important broadcast shows, whilst reporters get sent out at the earliest opportunity to exciting events throughout the region. Additionally there are of course opportunities to specialise on certain topics within the editorial team and continue gaining experience in those areas.

What's special about it?
It's a privilege to be allowed so close to people. Radio presenters are part of their listeners' everyday life. They sit with them at the breakfast table, accompany them to the bathroom, in the car and during work. Also they tell listeners about exciting events they had the privilege of covering in person. They have the chance to entertain people. That's fun, lot's of fun.