Positive circulation figures for STYRIA newspapers

Figures for the first half of 2017 delivered by Österreichischen Auflagenkontrolle (ÖAK) [Austrian circulation survey] speak for themselves: STYRIA newspapers are maintaining their circulation and also expanding through ePaper subscriptions.
“Kleine Zeitung” has again been confirmed as the best-selling daily newspaper in Styria and was able almost to maintain both the paid as well as subscribed circulation in comparison with the first half of 2016. This means it continues to be the second-largest paid daily newspaper in all of Austria. Paid circulation is on average from Monday to Sunday 279,836 copies in all of Austria. The share of subscriptions in the paid circulation is 96.4 per cent and thus the highest value for an Austrian daily newspaper. Compared with the first half of 2016, Kleine Zeitung added a total of 8816 digital subscriptions and has currently 18,493 subscribers on average.
For “Die Presse” too, ÖAK figures show a positive trend. Subscriptions to the weekly issue have grown by 3 per cent from 55,157 to 56,816 copies, 8329 of them ePapers. In paid circulation, ePapers increased from 5551 to 8382, corresponding with a 51 percent increase. 

“We’re producing top-quality news every single day. The service is optimised for various different channels – and for this we’re being rewarded. In the end, quality clearly prevails in these times dominated by the fake news debate”, says Rainer Nowak, editor in chief and publisher of “Die Presse”. 
Herwig Langanger, chairman of the board of directors of “Die Presse”, is happy with the result: “Figures clearly show that, with our ePaper offer, we meet current media usage demands effectively and have taken the right steps at the right time. The focus for the second half of 2017 and for the near future is to maintain our print circulation approximately constant and further to expand the digital side.” 

With 3.4 million copies distributed all over Austria every week, 8193 of them being ePapers, “Regionalmedien Austria” (RMA), in which STYRIA has a share of 50 per cent, again holds a top position in the local print media market. “With our 127 newspapers in all of Austria’s regions, we were able once more to achieve the country’s highest print circulation, thus reaching more than 3.6 million readers in all of Austria. Therefore, we offer the highest print reach in the national media market for advertising. Our regional structure and strength also enable the highest flexibility and individuality in media planning”, states RMA-director Georg Doppelhofer