Pichler – cooking, enjoying, communing

Pichler is one of the leading culinary publishers in Austria. This is where the standard works of good cooking appear – prepared with down-to-earth refinement and garnished with the joy of living. The carefully laid out basic and themed cookery books spirit you away to the country’s many paradises of enjoyment and invite you to try for yourself and experience the community of dining together.

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New publications per year: about 20

Founded: 1793

Motto: Cooking & enjoying


Publication management

Mag. Matthias Opis

Commercial management

Mag. Elisabeth Stein-Hölzl


Pichler Verlag
Verlagsgruppe Styria GmbH & Co KG
Lobkowitzplatz 1
A-1010 Wien
Tel +43 / 1 / 512 88 08 - 0
Fax +43 / 1 / 512 88 08 - 75