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Njuškalo.hr is Croatia's largest and most popular classifieds site. It connects hundreds of thousands of buyers and sellers each day. The platform enables trading between individuals, as well as businesses, through a secure and user-friendly environment.

Njuškalo was launched in November 2007. What followed was a period of a rapid growth: it took only 6 months for Njuškalo to claim its place among the TOP 10 of Croatia's most visited web sites (source: GemiusAudience). Through word of mouth, Njuškalo attracted a large number of users who appreciated the easy-to-use format and an outstanding variety of uploads.

Today, the digital marketplace is a powerful resource for its end-users and a knowledge hub for its employees. Every day, each of the 50 individuals, who work at Njuškalo's headquarters in Zagreb, aims to make it more helpful for people who want to connect and trade.

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Unique Visitors: 4,962,411

Visits: 20,938,357

Page Impressions: 259,099,602

Source: Xiti yearly average 2019



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