The Styria Media Group AG is an internationally, nationally and regionally active group of companies. Its portfolio includes media, printing houses and service facilities. The Styria Media Group's enterprises are not limited to the dissemination of information. Their purpose is to facilitate orientation, to build trust and to support communities. The media of the Styria Media Group advocate a united Europe and a democratic constitutional state. The group's historical foundation is a Christian-shaped, humanist image of humanity. Respect for this legacy and its further development beyond its Christian origins commit the staff of the Styria Media Group's enterprises to tolerance, open-mindedness and pluralism. And it obligates executives of the Styria Media Group to live by these basic values with respect to their staff and their clients.

Facilitating Orientation
The more information individuals have access to, the less they use it. By sorting and evaluating, the Styria Media Group enterprises help to make the stream of data manageable.

Never has information been more accessible; never has it been less organized. In this complex and unmanageable reality, the orientation and compass function of media comes into the spotlight. From the endless flow of information the media highlights what is relevant and useful and what makes the understanding and the meaningful, successful organization of life easier. They don't limit themselves to communicating what is. They explain what it means. They illuminate background information, provide answers and raise questions. They are no longer satisfied with simply being part of the news flow, but see themselves as a shore on which people can find support and orientation.

The broad selection of the Styria Media Group media is directed as much at readers and users as also at advertising clients. In the advertising market, too, there is the problem of a lack of transparency. The Styria media offer solutions by bringing together clients and relevant target groups.

Exercising such an orientation function requires a basic attitude upon which journalistic and economic decisions are based. The Styria Media Group's foundation of values primarily incorporates respect for the individual, regardless of rank and standing, and the protection of human dignity also in extreme situations. The group's media are committed to the principles of a liberal, democratic constitutional state, which, as an active member of the European Union, contributes to the unification process. In a journalistic way, they advocate the reconciliation of opposites in society and see themselves as a platform for the dialogue within civil society. The media of the Styria Media Group respect the cultural, social and spiritual importance of religious communities in society. Commitment to the constitutional state, commitment to European unification and respect for the religious communities not only allow but even obligate us to criticize grievances and aberrations in the state, the EU, churches and other religious and secular bodies.
Building Trust
In an environment that has become more and more arbitrary, ever fewer people trust fewer institutions. The enterprises of the Styria Media Group offer them a dialogue based on a humanistic image of humanity.

Media is a matter of trust. Trust is based on reliability, continuity and stability. It grows from the fulfilment of expectations. The Styria Media Group has more than 140 years' experience in meeting the expectations of its customers. Its enterprises are experienced in dealing with society, economy and politics. The foundation for the independence of the staff of the Styria Media Group and its work is economic success. It makes it possible to preserve journalistic standards and to again and again win the trust of its readers as well as its advertising clients. Thereto, the continued further training of the employees is as important as the openness towards objections and criticism from the outside. Those dedicated to truth must also be able to accept unpleasant truths. The Styria Media Group's media believe that their task is to take their readers and users seriously without telling them what they want to hear.

Supporting Community
The erosion of existing societal and community structures leads to isolation but also to new forms of organization in society and community. By providing platforms on which new things can take shape, Styria Media Group enterprises support the community.

The Styria Media Group AG considers itself to be an active partner in civil society. Its media and service providers offer journalistic and technical platforms for information; for dispute and commitment; for change and exchange; for discourse and argument. These platforms are open to all who want to use them, and do not preclude anyone. In times of growing isolation, in society they are intended to be a bridge, connecting instead of separating. They help to overcome self-serving interests and egotism. It is the job of Styria enterprises to use the technical options that the internet offers to create a community for people who share mutual ideals and/or interests. In this way, the Styria Media Group not only regards itself as a commercial enterprise but also a large marketplace for the exchanging of ideas, information, emotions and goods.