miss is the magazine... for fashion-conscious young women who live life to the full and want to know what's in, like to experiment and want to be both well entertained and well informed. The topics in miss meet these demands with an individual life­style offer in which service is a top priority and all the tips for the core areas of fashion, beauty, living, travel, gourmet and DIY are practicable and, above all, affordable. Because miss comes to you as a complete package and acts as your best girlfriend, adviser and provider of ideas all at once - ten times a year, with each issue moulded to a concept with a special theme. It's characterised by its amusing style of writing, close alignment with its female readership and its strong Austrian roots, something unique in this form, making miss a constant companion. 

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data & facts

Market share, print

Readers: 100,000

Reach: 1.3%

Source: Media-Analyse annual average 2018, based on readers per edition

Total circulation: 65,000

Source: Publisher's data

Distribution area: national

Frequency: 10/year

Market share, online

Unique Clients: 1,388,683

Visits: 3,027,367

Page Impressions: 10,431,918

Source: ÖWA - 2018

625,000 Facebook-Fans

Source: Facebook 04/2018



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