miss is number one

Storyclash’s social media charts: miss is number one among Austria’s online media and achieved 1.495 illion interactions on Facebook in May.

Miss, the most successful digital lifestyle brand for women aged between 16 and 35, achieved almost 1.5 million interactions on Facebook in May, thereby taking first place among Austria’s online media – that’s what’s showing right now on the social media charts of the Upper Austrian start-up Storyclash. Within just one month, miss raised interactions by 500,000, corresponding with a growth of 34.2 percent. Miss communicates this social media expertise to its advertising customers in individualised workshops.
For the 360° lifestyle brand miss, the month of May has been the most successful so far in 2017. With almost 1.5 million interactions, miss is in an undisputed first place in the social media charts and was able to raise interactions by 34.2 percent in comparison with the preceding month. The statistics are compiled by Storyclash, an Upper Austrian start-up, and they measure how many likes, shares, comments and reactions are elicited by story links, videos, photos and GIFs in the social networks of Facebook and Google+.
“Interactions on the social networks are gold in the digital world. Whoever reaches large numbers of them gets visibility, relevance and attention among users”, explains Jochen Hahn, Managing Director of missMEDIA GmbH. “Now miss achieves that like no other medium in Austria – engagement is in our brand-DNA.” In contrast with other Austrian online media in the Storyclash rankings, miss deals exclusively with tailored lifestyle content for the millennial target group. The other ranked media, like krone.at and oe24.at for example, offer their users mainly news content, which naturally also elicits negative reactions and interactions based on current affairs.

miss, the “good news brand”

It isn’t just users who prefer to interact with positive content; advertising customers too value the appeal of millennial experts. The persistently high level of interaction serves as the basis for digital sales, two thirds of which are achieved through native advertising at miss. “Customers can benefit twice from miss-power in social networks: first via native advertising campaigns, on our Facebook channel for example, and second through direct advice from our in-house native advertising unit, missMIND. We’re always giving customers insight into the mechanisms that make us so uniquely successful on Facebook”, says Monika Affenzeller, Managing Director of missMEDIA GmbH and Editor-in-Chief of miss. “The system can be applied to any target group. We help our advertising customers to raise their visibility to a new level on social networks”, adds Jochen Hahn.
Due to those steadily rising interaction data and associated target group accuracy, miss is an attractive partner for advertising customers. Miss shares this expertise in individualised workshops tailored to each advertising customer, giving businesses an understanding of how to work with social media, the relevance of engagement and the many possibilities of native advertising. Benefiting of late from miss social media skills have been notable customers from the banking sector, Austrian professional football league and the career sector.
You can find more information at www.facebook.com/missmagazin/