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"Costs nothing, delivers plenty" – week after week, the ‘WOCHE' has been proving that "free" and "quality" need not be contradictory. Boasting editions with strong regional roots, ‘die WOCHE' is distributed to households in Styria and Carinthia mid-week. Its comprehensive local reporting also offers the ideal weekly setting for both precisely targeted advertising and wide-reaching campaigns.

Alongside its wide distribution, ‘die WOCHE' also commands great respect among opinion leaders and has an active influence on Styrian and Carinthian business, politics and all relevant areas of life.

A company of the Regionalmedien Austria AG (joint venture of the Styria Media Group AG and the Moser Holding AG).


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data & facts

Market share, print


Readers: 561.000

Distributed circulation: 522.378

Reach: 52,6 %

Distribution area: 19 local editions

Frequency: weekly (We./Thu.)


Readers Carinthia: 231,000

Distributed circulation Carinthia: 232,295

Reach: 47,9%

Distribution area Carinthia: 8 local editions

Frequency: weekly (We./Thu.)

Source: Verlagsangabe. Print-Auflage von meine Woche Steiermark 2020, Stand 12/2019
Source: Media-Analyse rolling annual average 2019, based on readers per edition 

Market share, online

Styria: 612,522 Unique Clients

Carinthia: 441,371 Unique Clients

Source: ÖWA Basic 04-06/2020: Belegungseinheit



Managing director

Mag. (FH) Jürgen Rothdeutsch


Roland Reischl


Managing director

Markus Galli


Gerd Leitner

Contact Styria

Wochenzeitungs GmbH Steiermark
Gadollaplatz 1
8010 Graz
Tel +43 / 316 / 6051
Fax +43 / 316 / 6051 - 2606

Contact Carinthia

Kärntner WOCHE Zeitungs-G.m.b.H. & CO KG
Hasnerstraße 2/1
9020 Klagenfurt
Tel +43 / 463 / 55 501
Fax +43 / 463 / 55 501-666