MAX! - The biggest show of our times

For the Croatian weekly 'Max!', sport is not just a matter of getting one's journalistic job done every day but rather the biggest and most fun show of our times. The newspaper imparts this euphoria to its readers through exciting and emotional reports on major domestic and international as well as some smaller regional events. This sports newspaper is unique on the market because it is the only one to appear once a week, offering everything expected by a true sports admirer: event analyses, exclusive stories, interviews and the most current news on sportsmen and women, their careers, wives, homes, earnings and clubs.

It is sold in the Saturday package along with ‘Večernji list', independently at kiosks, and on Mondays (with the addition of tables and statistics, adjusted to the needs of readers who bet...), it is available in the branch offices of the Favorit betting shop... In April 2014, after three years of being published, ‘Max!' has been redesigned and set to the magazine format of 84 pages...

Since last year, ‘Max!' has been included in the organisation of sports events such as basketball schools, summer camps, street ball tournaments and football tournaments for the youngest categories.

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Readers: 1,414

Source: MEDIApuls, yearly average 2018

Distribution area: national

Frequency: weekly (on sundays) 



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