Klokanica.hr - The website for parents and all parents-to-be!

The new online destination which, in one spot, offers expert advice, parents' experience, news and information in the period from pregnancy planning until the child's 14th year of life - all available on www.klokanica.hr.

The support of other parents is very important too so a forum and a social network have been established where each registered member has his/her profile and can post statuses or photographs, make friends with other members and communicate with them, as well as send questions to the experts at the editorial board. There is also the Radosnica tool, a digital version of a child's diary, serving to save photos, videos and notes related to the child's growing up and allowing them to be shared with friends and family.

Among other practical tools there is also an event search for individual towns, calculation of fertile days, predicting the sex of the child and informative list of children's diseases according to their symptoms.

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