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There are two kinds of Styrians and Carinthians: One kind are those who grew up with the Kleine Zeitung. The other kind subscribed to it later in life. Back in 1904, the year of foundation, newspapers were still the privilege of a small, well-to-do layer of society - and largely beholden to political parties. From the time of its founding, the Kleine Zeitung took a pioneering role in breaking out of these conventions. Indeed the paper remained true to this role - it was the first to have an ombudsman, showing a passion for country and people, presenting wide-ranging coverage with unmatched regional differentiation.

A total of 16 regional offices in Styria and Carinthia are highly attentive to readers' interests. The same is true of www.kleinezeitung.at, with pages for two federal provinces and 18 regional pages. It's possible to follow all that's going on worldwide round the clock including full service - from film guide on through tips for excursions and video material. In addition there's breaking news on screens in busses and trams, directly to mobile and weather reports via SMS. Up-to-the-minute with the Kleine Zeitung.

Editorial policy: The 'Kleine Zeitung' is a daily newspaper free of all political party and other group interests. It is founded on Christian ideology and works in the interests of a plural, democratic social order, the autonomy of federal provinces, the Austrian Republic's independence and a united Europe.


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data & facts

Market share, print

Readers: 778,000

Source: Media-Analyse 2019, based on readers per edition

Reach: 10.4 %
Styria: 45.2 %
Carinthia: 48.1 %

Source: Media-Analyse 2019, based on readers per edition, Styria and Carinthia

Sold Circulation: 278,375

Source: ÖAK annual average 2019, Mon-Sat

Distribution area regional

Styria, Carinthia, East Tyrol

Frequency daily

Market share, online

Unique Clients: 3,763,677

Visits: 15,057,033

Page Impressions:​ 80,556,157

Source: ÖWA: 2019


Managing Director
Mag. Thomas Spann

Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief, Graz
Mag. Hubert Patterer

Editor-in-Chief, Klagenfurt
Antonia Gössinger

Responsible for reader market
Mag. Walter Hauser

Responsible for marketing
Dr. Andrea Rachbauer