, the portal for conscious nutrition and weight reduction, is becoming part of the Styria Digital portfolio offers tools and knowledge for a sustainable improved lifestyle. The method is just as simple as it is effective: users keep a nutrition and exercise diary, thereby learning how they can control and improve their weight and well being quickly, simply and in healthy way. Forming the basis are more than 40,000 nutrition entries and more than 300 exercise profiles. Upon entering body data, calculates the individual basic metabolic rate as well as the daily caloric nominal value – with consideration of individual circumstances such as the administration of certain medication, thyroid hyper function, breast-feeding times, etc. in order to reach the user's desired weight-loss target within a certain period of time. By means of a ‘calorie watch' the user has a daily update on his or her calorie consumption. In this way it is easy for everybody to analyse his or her own eating behaviour in detail. Here the composition of food, nutritional balance etc. is taken into consideration. proposes alternative foods but also gives users the chance to calculate recipe ideas of their own and include them in their daily protocol. Pleas note: In order to avoid health risks, each user will receive a warning, should they wish to lose too much weight in too short a time frame. They will be FORCED to increase their time frame or minimise weight reduction – otherwise they will not be able to continue to use the program!

The additional value of the program has been officially acknowledged by some health insurance funds as a support for conscious nutrition and weight reduction and currently is already being financially supported by the regional health insurance funds of Upper Austria and Burgenland. Members of these health insurance funds will be given a price reduction and, upon agreement with their doctor, anything up to 100 per cent of costs can be refunded! users are able to contact the portal's nutrition specialists and sports doctors at any time to ask questions.

" is another important element for the formation of the thematic focus of health and medicine in Styria Media Group", says Christian Buchsteiner, Head of New Business Styria Digital. "Together with the new portal, which was newly launched by Styria Digital, is a service for people who are interested in the comprehensive topical field of health and are striving for, or have to look for, varied information in the field."

" extends the Styria Media Group portfolio into another promising and socially relevant topical field", says Erich Schönberg, manager of Styria Multi Media Corporate, to which and the new portal belong.