Joonglaa” – JoomBoos’ Young and Highly Successful Slovenian Sister on YouTube


In the beginning of 2020, 24sata’s Video Director Matej Lončarić launched a new YouTube channel in Slovenia. The award-winning team from Zagreb is in charge of creating and developing a new brand for Gen Z. After just a few months, Joonglaa already exceeded expectations. In order to build brand awareness partnerships were formed with A1 and STYRIA’s digital news brand Žurnal24. Three months after the launch Joonglaa became the number one brand for youngsters.


How did it all start with “Joonglaa”?


Žurnal24 recognized the success of the video department in Croatia. They wanted to start their own video team. At the same time A1 Slovenia was looking for the best way to communicate with Gen Z. Together with Žurnal24 we pitched the idea of a brand new YouTube channel. A similar channel to Joomboos that didn’t yet exist in Slovenia. Our idea won and the JoomBoos sister was born - Joonglaa!


What kind of content do you produce?


Being the leaders in creating original video formats in the region, we decided to localize our most watched content for the Slovenian market. Engaging content such as 24questions, Blind Dates, Influencers taking exams, and music videos.


Where do you produce the content?


In our Zagreb 24sata offices we have two large TV studios. Most of the videos are produced & created here. Our producers and editors are working closely with the Slovenian team as we are developing and educating them. For now 20 percent of the formats are produced in Ljubljana. In the future we will increase production in Slovenia and in Zagreb we are going to produce big hero video formats like drama series and shows. Formats like Quizzes with more than 100.000 views or “Blind Dates” with more than 200.000 video views are already quite big in Slovenia. The big show we’re currently preparing is Joonglaa Star, the same as JoomBoos Videostar, where we will be searching for the new YouTube stars in Slovenia. We had to postpone the production due to the Corona pandemic. But we hope to start in late August. We're looking forward to bringing our domestic video show to Slovenia.


What does “Joonglaa” actually mean?


It means Jungle in Slovenian. Our core desire is for our audience to have a great time and lighten up the world. To live in the moment with full enjoyment, play, tell jokes and be funny! The biggest talent of Joonglaa is Joy! In just three months we reached more than 33.000 subscribers. The KPI was 18.000 for this year. So we reached our goal already.


When was it launched?

LONČARIĆ: In the middle of January 2020.


You mentioned that your partners are A1 Slovenia and Žurnal24?

LONČARIĆ: Correct. A1 Slovenia was thinking about launching even a linear TV program or something like a video app. Žurnal24 and we were pitching together against some other companies and they ultimately chose us. A1 Slovenia is a client and actual partner from the start. Žurnal24 is a media partner, owner of the brand and contract with A1.


What about the collaboration with Žurnal24?

LONČARIĆ: I am really proud of the proactive team at Žurnal24, they are trend setters. They have deep knowledge of the Slovenian audiences and this valuable asset was built on a truly journalistic approach. We are working productively together while educating them how to create videos on their own, how to talk with influencers and how to adjust YouTube-Videos. We are also learning best practices in building great partnerships. Sometimes it can be hard to understand each other but we’d like to think it’s just a language challenge :)


Is the language actually a barrier?

LONČARIĆ: On Joonglaa we recently had a video with Croatian and Slovenian YouTubers, some kind of a funny language challenge. We had more than 120.000 views on that. Many Slovenians can understand Croatian because they’re listening a lot to Croatian music. But for Croatians it is not quite that easy. It’s a completely different language. In our meetings with Slovenians we usually speak English - otherwise we wouldn’t understand each other.

Who are the stars in your videos in Joonglaa?

LONČARIĆ: It’s the influencers and the popular music stars. We previously worked with them here in Croatia but now we switched the language to Slovenian. One of them is Nika Zorjan. She just published a video called “Draga Korona” on Joonglaa in Slovenia and “Korona Ciao” on JoomBoos in Croatia – the same song but in two languages. Both are trending on YouTube in Slovenia and in Croatia.

Are you satisfied so far?

LONČARIĆ: We reached all our KPIs in terms of views, engagement, and subscribers. Initially we were not too optimistic. We didn’t know if content produced here in Croatia would work in Slovenia as well. We spent close to four months researching Slovenian YouTube and analyzed content and the big stars there. We took the best out of our Croatian formats and transferred it to Slovenian market. Our strategy unveiled great results. All of our Joonglaa stars are popular throughout Slovenia with their songs. One of the songs was viewed more than 400.000 times which is quite significant for a country of two million people.


Who are the actual people involved in the background?

LONČARIĆ: Miro Mauhar from Styria Media International together with the Sales Director of Slovene media operations finalized the deal with A1. The instrumental partnership allowed us to start with the production. We also have a great cooperation with Aleš Vovk called Raay- one of the best music producers in Slovenia. He helped us with all the influencers like Nika Zorjan or BQL. So we have a producer there who knows what the audience wants. Morana Rastić is the one responsible for Joonglaa from JoomBoos. And Anela Kuburaš is the Executive Editor of Video who also started the project with me.


Operating in two markets - how did this impact your daily work?

LONČARIĆ: Before the whole Corona crisis we travelled a lot to Ljubljana. We spent Fridays and Saturdays talking with guys from Žurnal24 and Saturdays speaking to the influencers, motivating them to create content for us. Filip and Anja from Žurnal24 were three days a week in Zagreb. It is a lot of travelling and luckily we are just two hours away from each other.


And A1 Slovenia and Žurnal24 are supporting Joonglaa via their channels?

LONČARIĆ: Yes. It is much like in Croatia with JoomBoos where we had great help from 24sata. A1 Slovenia social networks and Žurnal24 are promoting, pushing, and boosting our content.


What about expanding to another country in the Balkan area?

LONČARIĆ: We don’t have any news about that yet- we will see. With this approach we can strengthen our position on the market. JoomBoos is already very strong in Bosnia and Serbia. About 25 percent from our JoomBoos views come from Serbia and 15 percent from Bosnia. For now, we’re developing Zagreb as a production hub for Slovenia and Croatia where we manufacture all these successful formats. Starting video production couldn't be more important. As the Corona crisis truly showcased- the future of video is now. And we are ready to roar taking on all the challenges!