JoomBoos conquers the video world

JoomBoos is the fastest growing YouTube channel in Croatia. On this platform the biggest social media influencers are producing fun and unique video content around the topics of beauty, fashion, prank, vlog, comedy and sketch. Besides YouTube, JoomBoos is one of the best performing brands on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Viber & Snapchat as well. It all started as a Styria Innovation Incubator project and became the number one brand for Croatian Millennials after only one year on the market.

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data & facts

Market Share

Video views: 191,781,741

Watch time: 690,305,974 Min.

Abonnenten: 733,000

Source: Internal Data 2019


Manager JoomBoos

Matej Loncaric 


24sata d.o.o.
Oreškovićeva 6H/1
HR-10 010 Zagreb
Tel +385 / 1 / 60 69-500
Fax +385 / 1 / 60 69-660