Job profile web developer

Benedikt Müller

What are the main tasks of the job?
The implementation of ideas, which are often accompanied and formed by the web developer from scratch. This means that one has to be able to ask the right questions, find solutions for problems and also, of course, to introduce one's own creativity.

What qualifications and experience are desirable?
Since the area of activity is rather widespread, any kind of qualification from analysis (e.g. SEO, web analysis), design (e.g. layout, responsive design, typography) to handicraft (e.g. programming) is useful – since one actually has to work in all these fields.

What career paths are possible?
We have a rather flat hierarchy but you can specialise in all kinds of areas. This can stretch from SEO to design and programming to project management.

How is this job special?

  1. You are responsible for the interface with the user – no matter what is implemented, designed, styled etc., this is exactly how it reaches the user. Immediately after that.
  2. Independently of what you are working on, usually "you will give birth to it" – and you are not only part of the launch, but have an important share in the preceding "go!" because, as a web developer, you have the best overview of readiness for launch. Thanks to web analyses, afterwards you also get to know whether it worked or not. ;-)