Job profile portal manager

Elisabeth Pitschmann

What are the main tasks of the job?  
As a portal manager you are responsible for all aspects regarding concept, development, maintenance and further development of the portal. You are responsible for developing the best possible product with consideration of the business idea and the needs of other departments.
In addition to co-shaping the strategic approach for project planning (budget, timing, focus, contracts), the job task includes content of project concepts, coordination of internal and external partners (such as graphic design and engineering) as well as evaluation and monitoring of performance. Within portal management is also responsibility for testing, bug fixing and usability, whilst user experience und conversion optimisation are to be seen as essential elements. Additionally data integration, mobile services and apps are usually part of the job description of a portal manager.
What qualifications and experience are desirable?
Qualifications useful for portal management might result from various different forms of training. Preferably knowledge in the fields of (technical) project management, digital media or communication management. Furthermore, a good knowledge of English is useful. Affinity towards digital media and technology is a prerequisite.

What career paths are possible?
In larger companies, entering portal management might be achieved via internships in the fields of support (e.g. data integration) or testing. After this, according to the size of the department, some portion of portal development tasks could be taken over (e.g. usability & reader experience, conversion optimisation, testing & bug fixing, ...). One career opportunity would be taking over portal management and, at the most senior level, the task of leading portal management at board level.
How is this job special?
The varied and multi-facetted nature of the task presents the particular challenge in portal management. This portfolio encompasses a fast and certainly demanding array of activities stretching from the development of global product strategies to efficiency evaluation of individual elements of interaction. Due to continuously changing framework conditions (technology, terminals), variety is an intrinsic part of professional routine. Also the role as an interface between internal departments and external sub-contractors requires excellent communication skills and should thus be mentioned as a special feature.