Job profile online lifestyle editor

Marina Stojanović

Why is this job special?
This is a very dynamic job that covers all areas of life - love, fashion, career, psychology, cooking and travelling. We create content that makes people happy and more interesting in little things that make life easier, better and happier. We prepare you for job interviews, discover love secrets, culinary tricks, travelling tips and fashion trends. In the lifestyle section, every day is a new creative playground for new ideas, news and features that must come to readers in the best and most interesting way.

What are the main tasks of the job?

  •     editing and re-writing articles and features
  •     managing, overseeing, improving and editing layout, appearance and content of articles
  •     finding and coordinating freelance writers, columnists and experts
  •     planning special editions and features
  •     deciding what material will appeal best to readers, monitoring live statistics
  •     searching for trends in the online world
  •     monitoring trends in reading, social media and layout

What qualifications and experience are desirable?

  •     Faculty of Journalism
  •     experience in online journalism and print editions
  •     sense of storytelling
  •     spotting a good feature, news and trends
  •     excellent knowledge of grammar and spelling
  •     leadership skills

What career paths are possible?

  •     editoral positions both in online and print
  •     taking on resposibility for special projects and new products
  •     marketing and PR opportunities (outside journalism)