Job profile local editorial journalist

Michael Saria

What are the main tasks of the job?
A local editorial journalist reports daily in text and with images (delivered by a photographer) on events happening outside his or her door and indeed those of his or her readers. There is hardly any limit with regard to topics, which stretch from politics to schools, gastronomy to (public) transport. In accordance with his or her field of activity, a local editorial journalist reports on the whole province of Styria or "his or her" district.

What qualifications and experience are desirable?
For some years, universities and technical colleges have been offering special courses for journalists, which are always desirable. For decades, however, lawyers, historians and biologists have also found a home in journalism. Usually via internships or holiday jobs – a highly recommendable way to enter. Apart from this, the basic requirements are pleasure in dealing with language, an outgoing personality, creativity and curiosity as well as readiness to adapt to unusual working hours.

What career paths are possible?
Career paths in journalism could include specialisation in a certain field as well as progressing from freelance writer to head of department or above.

How is this job special?
It is a great job because, as a journalist, you learn about new things every day. New places, new people. There is scarcely a single day the same as another, it is an extremely diversified job. The challenge is to understand and get to know these new and sometimes complicated topics in a very short time and to process them in ways that make them easy to understand and interesting to read.