Job profile controller

Adis Suljić

What are the main tasks of the job?
A controller is the business-management expert who expresses the progress of business operations in the form of financial figures. He supports primarily senior management along with managers having budget responsibility. A controller's tasks begin with preparing key financial figures and continue through the interpretation of these figures to supporting management in the execution of operative and strategic measures. Activities cover the preparation and interpretation of the monthly report, drawing up quarterly forecasts and the annual budget including medium-term planning. Further activities are investment and project accounting as well as support relating to the preparation of annual accounts. These tasks are carried out in close collaboration with management, with controllers taking on the role of ‘sparring partners'.

What qualifications and experiences are desirable?
The basic essential pre-requisites are knowledge covering accountancy, business management and key business figures. Additionally, a good knowledge of English and an affinity for numbers are advantageous.

What career paths are possible?
The entry level for controlling can be via the role of ‘Junior Controller'. Depending on professional seniority, experience gained and individual dedication, there are prospects for development to expert level or to commercially responsible positions at management level.

What is special?
The special aspect of controlling is the multi-faceted and varied range of activities. Covering anything from setting a company's budgets to the development of tools for controlling operations, this job demands a high level of personal initiative and autonomy. Moreover, you gain insight into all areas of the business.