Brand Manager

Julia Zötsch

What are the main tasks of the job?
As a product manager, I am ultimately responsible for a product. In my case, every day I try to bring the young magazine of the Kleine Zeitung, Futter, to the front. Among other things, this includes continually further developing a young brand - be it strategically, as part of a team or in monetary terms. In addition to brand and product positioning, my to-do's also include close cooperation with the advertising market and the marketing department. This means that I am always on the move and present food from different perspectives to the outside world. The job is exciting and challenging at the same time. It gets particularly exciting when the creative development of communication solutions for customers and the design of digital campaigns with "goose bumps moments" is put into practice. 

What qualifications and experience are desirable?
I studied Public Communication at the Universitity of Applied Sciences in Graz. I also had a job before, social media manager at the advertising agency CMM in Graz. But you really should bring THIS with you:

  • A lot of love for the job
  • conviction and passion 
  • Be a Digital Native of the first hour and a story telling multifunctional talent
  • Outside chaos, inside order
  • Be close to the target group

What career paths are possible?
For me, development opportunities are mainly personal. Suddenly you are ultimately responsible for an entire product. Suddenly you are confronted with many small and large "first times". How do I deal with it? Which ways do I take on my journey? What decisions will I make? What mistakes will I make? How do I lead a team to success, motivate them to give their best every day? You can imagine: There is a lot of development potential here. Development potential in terms of leadership qualities, development potential in terms of team building and coaching, and of course development potential on a personal level.
And at some point during this journey you will notice: #aintnomoutainhighenough.

How is this job special?
The special thing about my job is that I am so much more than a product manager. I am a strategist, crisis manager, marketing hero, salesperson, developer of new products and brands. I am an event planner and presenter. Styling expert in my own styling format. And what about my team? #iamalittlebitofeverythingallrolledintoone