Immediately after the latest earthquake, our two Croatian STYRIA dailies launched a relief campaign for those affected: with revenues from retail sales, but also with accommodations.


The earthquake, measuring 6.2 on the Richter scale, struck with full force in the region around the small towns of Glina, Petrinja and Sisak: seven people died, including a 13-year-old girl. An estimated 40,000 houses and buildings were damaged, and several thousand will have to be demolished. A disaster for Croatia and especially for the area, which is one of the poorest in the country.

"Immediately after the earthquake, we decided to donate all our revenues from our New Year's issue. Our main distributor, Tisak, agreed to also give part of the proceeds to the earthquake victims," 24sata Editor-in-Chief Goran Gavranović tells us. The issue title was: "Every kuna from this issue goes to the victims of the earthquake." And the reaction of the reader community was tremendous: "Almost the entire print run was sold out. The amount that we and Tisak will donate is about 300,000 kuna, or a little less than 40,000 euros," says Gavranović, whose team also called on - the most visited website in Croatia - to share information about people in need and how to donate. The money collected will be transferred to the initiative "Ljudi za ljude" ("People for People"), which cares for the Glina area. Five people died in the earthquake there.

The donation idea of 24sata was also joined by Večernji list: the proceeds from the sale of the December 31, 2020 newspaper will go to the earthquake relief fund. "I am proud that immediately after the earthquake we found a way to help the people who suffered," said Managing Director Renato Ivanus.

The first donation from the sale of "VL" will be around 30,000 euros. However, the plan is to continue the activities. "As soon as it is possible to distribute newspapers in the area, we will provide hundreds of free copies of Večernji list with the help of our partners. We also want to build a house with our partners for a family that lost their home in the earthquake. I believe that we will succeed in this as well," Ivanus hopes.

In addition to the amount of money, 24sata has also donated two camping shelters: One was painted in the colors of 24sata, another in the colors of the 24sata video network Joomboos. The initiative for this came from journalists covering the earthquake. "It took us a few days to prepare the temporary houses, one as a kitchen and a living room replacement, one for sleeping." They are now available to the twelve-member Horvat family in Glina, whose home is in ruins after the earthquake. Gavranović: "As an organization, we are very proud of this action, even if we know that this is only a small amount."

Pictures: Pixsell