The Supervisory Board

In accordance with the Austrian Stock Corporation Law the supervisory board has an advisory and monitoring role. Every year at least 4 meetings of the supervisory board take place.

The members are:

  •     Dr. Friedrich Santner (Head of the Supervisory Board)
  •     GD Dr. Othmar Ederer (Vice chairman of the Supervisory Board)
  •     Dr. Karl Schleinzer
  •     Mag. Petra Schachner-Kröll
  •     Mag. Eva Heigl
  •     Mag. Claudia Gigler (appointed by the works council)
  •     Michael Lohmeyer (appointed by the works council)
  •     Ing. Josef Klaptsch (appointed by the works council)

The owners

We have history. In 1869 a committed and autonomous Catholic group in Graz joined together to transform a courageous idea of founding the Katholischer Preßverein (Catholic Press Organization) into action. During the emergence, they wanted to give their convictions and value a separate, independent and modern voice within an age when the bourgeoisie were publicly influenced by tones of cultural unrest.
We declare our values. Under the name of Styria the companies consequently contributed to the political and intellectual emancipation of many people. This orientation towards people and their dignity remained an obligatory guideline for journalism as well as economic trading and had a lasting influence on the biography of Styria up until present day. Today's Styria owners too, the non-profit private foundation Katholischer Medien Verein Privatstiftung as the majority holder (98,33%) and Katholischer Medien Verein association as minority owner (1,67%), represent this value-orientated company tradition.The Styria Media Group is a strategic holding for more than 100 companies in three countries. It is independent from all political parties, interest communities and churches.
The executive board has 4 members:

  •     GD Dr. Othmar Ederer (Chairman)
  •     Dr. Friedrich Santner (Deputy Chairman)
  •     Mag. Sieglinde Pailer
  •     Dr. Karl Schleinzer