Experience - Innovation - Success: This is a short version of our biography. Because STYRIA has grown steadily since it was founded in 1869. We never stand still and are now one of the leading media groups in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia. We also work closely with partners in Norway, Switzerland and Germany. Around 3,000 Styrians together generated a market turnover of 399 million euros in 2020.

"one spirit, unlimited ideas". Our motto already suggests this: The portfolio of the Styria Media Group is broadly diversified - we stand on two main pillars: Media brands including news portals (our daily and weekly newspapers, magazines and book publishers, and radio stations as well as our agency COPE) and digital marketplaces - all market leaders in their countries. Our service partners (from media production to printing to distribution) are the perfect support for our media and marketplaces brands, ensuring that production and distribution work day and night and that our readers, users, customers, partners and everyone we are in contact with experience STYRIA as a forward-looking, independent company with values.

Why do we do this? Because we love doing it, are passionate about setting new standards in the media world and beyond, and are shaping the future. In doing so, we always keep our purpose firmly in mind: providing orientation, creating trust, fostering community.


Styria Media Group