Global Media Award for Styria’s “JoomBoos” platform

Just one year since the launch of the YouTube network JoomBoos, this project by Styria’s Croatian affiliate 24sata has won a particularly prestigious prize: the accolade of being among the most innovative media projects in the world at the INMA Global Media Awards in New York. 

It’s an ideal example of how an idea from the Innovation Incubator at Styria Media Group can attract massive international attention. The YouTube channel JoomBoos has become the most popular and fastest-growing Croatian media brand in the target group aged 14 to 34. More than 170,000 subscribers currently revel in regional social media stars on JoomBoos. Following the Effie Award, one of the world’s most coveted distinctions for advertising and market communication, the platform has now won the renowned INMA Award in the category “Best new concept or innovation to create new profit centers”.  
“It’s simply indescribable - through this award a dream has come true”, said JoomBoos founder Matej Lončarić, who also filmed along as he was called on stage with his Styria colleague Jasna Zemljic to receive the prize. “I’m incredibly proud; it’s an acknowledgement of all the people on the team who have contributed to JoomBoos’ success.” The market took to JoomBoos really well and now it’s “applause worldwide”.
The channel’s greatest success isn’t just the number of subscribers but also the special way that JoomBoos engages with users and collects feedback in videos. “The fact that JoomBoos is seen by INMA as the most innovative project worldwide, just one year after kick-off, is an enormous success and great source of motivation for other projects in our enterprise”, said Jasna Zemljić, responsible for innovation at Styria. 
On top of all this, another 24sata project has won a prize. For “Better Education, Better Croatia” it was third place in the category “World's greatest community service campaigns”. Moreover, at the “Digiday Content Marketing Awards” in New York , the Croatian Styria media enterprise was in the  top 5 in the category “Best real-time streaming” with its Facebook-Live reporting project. 
“The Global Media Award for JoomBoos is confirmation of the outstanding spirit of innovation and perfect way our people work in all of our markets”, said Markus Mair, CEO of Styria Media Group AG. The success serves as proof that “We monitor trends absolutely precisely and follow them so that we can also actively help to shape them; so that novel aspects can arise and grow.”
Since the end of 2016, JoomBoos has also been available as a YouTube channel in Austria. Just the same here, regional influencers and social media stars from the areas of lifestyle & travel, comedy & show and fashion & beauty keep users entertained. More about this at