Extension of Dr. Klaus Schweighofer's and Dkfm. Malte von Trotha's management contracts

The Styria management: Dkfm. Malte von Trotha, Dr. Klaus Schweighofer, Mag. Markus Mair (f. l. t. r.)

"In what are turbulent and challenging times within the world of media, a stable executive management structure is important in order to be able successfully to overcome challenges in the long term", stated Chairman Dr. Friedrich Santner as being the justification for the Supervisory Board's decision. "We wish the team and the Executive Board Chairman Mag. Markus Mair every success and pleasure in his new, highly responsible role."

Dr. Klaus Schweighofer was appointed to the board of Styria Media Group AG in March 2008 and currently carries departmental responsibility for the Kleine Zeitung, Antenne Radio and the international brands of the Styria Group. Dkfm. Malte von Trotha has been a Styria Media Group AG board member in the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) since December 2011; his departmental responsibilities include the Styria Multi Media magazine group and Styria Digital Holding. Together with Mag. Markus Mair, who has served as Executive Board Chairman since October 2013, Schweighofer and von Trotha constitute the complete executive board of Styria Media Group AG.