Trikoder - high class software development

Taking a leading position in the digital business today means also to run on top-level technology that builds the basis for an exciting user experience across all platforms. 

That’s where Trikoder steps in. 

Established in 2008, Trikoder provides high-class software development that builds the technological basis of the success of their clients’ digital products. With a special expertise for Digital Marketplaces and Classifieds, Trikoder has been delivering solid web applications which handle extreme traffic loads and still work without a glitch.

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Trikoder d. o. o.

Ivana Lučića 2a

20th floor HR-10000 Zagreb

tel. +385 (0)1 201 62 00 


General Management

Goran Rubcic

Vedran Križek



Trikoder d.o.o.

Miroslava Miholića 2

2nd floor, HR-10000 Zagreb

tel. +385 (0)1 6300 990


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