Styria Print Group - Member of the International Color Quality Club

With its three locations, the printers of Styria Media Group, united under the umbrella organisation Styria Print Group, are significant players in the newspaper printing industry. The group focuses particularly on print and service quality and product innovations with a view to continually improving its market position.

Repeatedly, Druck Styria has been awarded membership of the international Color Quality Club, a worldwide printing quality competition for newspaper printers. To top it all off, Druck Styria is also a member of the Star Club. This award is presented to a printer only if it participates at least five times in succession in the prestigious Color Quality Club.

The field of expertise of ‘Druck Styria' extends far beyond newspaper printing. What customers appreciate particularly is its philosophy of offering everything from one source. Being a centre of competence, its employees offer their clients all kinds of print products in addition to associated services.

To summarise, Druck Styria produces several monthly and weekly papers, two dailies and is responsible for the printing of a large number of magazines.

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Printing machine: 2 installations MAN Colorman

Printed newspapers per hour: 90,000 of 96 pages each

Dispatch facility: 2 installations FERAG


Managing director
Alexander Marko, MBA

DI Christian Wilms

Authorized signatory
Raoul Siegert

Tour of the printing facility

Allow us to whisk you away – to the world of newspaper production

You always wanted to read the Kleine Zeitun' headlines before everybody else? To know how the complicated electronics of modern printing presses work? Or simply to find out what it feels like when, at breakneck speed, 2,400 newspaper pages are being produced per second? No problem! You're welcome at the ‘sacred hall' of ‘Druck Styria'. For visitors wishing to gain insight into newspaper production, guided tours are organised at the printing centre in Graz-Messendorf during the day and at night (proof printing of the ‘Kleine Zeitung' starts at 10:30pm). Whether school class, company or association – looking behind the scenes of the creation of familiar products is a worthwhile experience for everyone. You'll be im-press-ed!

Interested? Then please contact:
Anzeigen und Marketing
Kleine Zeitung GmbH & Co KG
Sabine Herz
Tel +43 / 316 / 875 - 3107


Druck Styria
GmbH & Co KG
Styriastraße 20
8042 Graz
Tel +43 / 316 / 8099 - 2003
Fax +43 / 316 / 8099 - 2004

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