Styria Digital Services - SDS – digital solutions for Styria Media Group

Styria Digital Services designs and maintains leading Austrian Internet portals and provides hundreds of editors with the right tools to publish information digitally in the most diverse channels. The employees of SDS concentrate on digital performance, analytics, SEO, new business technologies and much more and support the web portals of Styria Media Group AG in their digital transformation. The innovative web portals that are developed by SDS produce more than 50 million visits per month throughout Austria.

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Foundation: 2014

Service offer:
Brand and audience development, CMS development and maintenance, web development


Managing directors

Sanda Lončar

Herwig Langanger 


Location Vienna

Styria Digital Services GmbH
Hainburger Strasse 33
1030 Wien
Tel +43 1 / 60117-932


Location Graz

Styria Digital Services GmbH
Gadollaplatz 1
8010 Graz
Tel +43 1 / 60117-932