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Styria Content Creation is an award-winning content marketing agency with around 45 employees in Vienna and Graz. It offers content and communication solutions in digital, audiovisual and printed form. 

"One Moment" is the strategy unit of Styria Content Creation. It develops content concepts that create relationships between people and brands. The name of the unit refers to the so-called micro torques, i. e. short moments such as in the subway or on the couch with targeted, intentionally controlled actions on the smartphone. According to the ARD/ZDF online study 2016, these add up to two hours and eight minutes per user per day and offer companies the opportunity to link their solutions with the targeted interest of users at exactly the right time.

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• 11x Best of Content Marketing
• 6x inkom. Grand Prix
• 5x FEIEA Grand Prix
• 5x Silberne Feder
• 2x ICMA – Int. Corporate Media Award
• 1x Astrid Award for Design
• 1x Columbus – DMVÖ Award
• 1x CP Monitor
• 1x GALAXY Awards
• 1x Goldener Hahn
• 1x Mercury Awards for Prof. Communications


Managing directors
Mag. Alexis Johann

Eva-Maria Kubin, MA


Styria Content Creation GmbH & Co KG
Hainburgerstrasse 33
1030 Wien

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