The group's core business is the early delivery of daily and weekly papers to readers' doorsteps. >redmail has approximately 300 employees and 2,800 delivery agents who do a great job every single day, providing smooth, on-time delivery of a total of 171 million dailies and weeklies. Thanks to >redmail's tailor-made delivery options, brochures, leaflets, catalogues and much more find their way to Austria's households on a daily basis too. In the core areas of Styria and Carinthia, unaddressed delivery service is a common regional practice. In and around Vienna, >redmail offers the possibility of exclusive VIP delivery targeted at a specific group of customers (110,000 top-level households with high income or a high level of education). 
In addition to delivering information precisely to its destination, the >redmail group also provides information via other channels, including, for instance, early-morning delivery of hot-off-the-press dailies to tobacconists, newsagents and petrol stations. Silent trade, i.e. the filling of self-service paper dispensers at weekends, and the design and filling of dispenser boxes from which ‘Heute' daily paper is available free of charge, is yet another service offered by the >redmail group and conducted by its subsidiary connect724 GmbH. Its service centre is the first point of contact for subscribers: queries, orders and complaints are dealt with in a constructive and professional manner. 

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Formation: 2001

Delivery partners: 2,800

Employees: 300


Managing director
Mag. Horst Jungmann

Authorized signatory, Personnel & Organisation Manager
Michael Metzl

Authorized signatory, Marketing & Sales Manager
Chritian Watzl


Logistik & Zustellservice GmbH
Landstraßer Hauptstraße 97-101
1030 Wien
Tel +43 / 5 / 179 5