Newsroom - The place where news are born. is the leading information service designed for media professionals, editors and journalists in newspapers, televisions, radio stations and Internet portals, as well as experts in PR operating in Croatia. Using web tool, media professionals will perform their daily work faster and more efficiently. Since users are supplied with all the necessary information for creating media content on time, provides significant timesavings. offers regional information about the announced upcoming events, all noteworthy anniversaries, announcements of all social actors, instant news articles, links to PIXSELL's photos and video content, integrated RSS reader and more - all on one place.

Service personalization possibilities assure that requires no digging through tons of information. Users can customize their desktop according to their interests and daily assignments. In addition, offers the possibility to organize daily work, to communicate and collaborate with colleagues of the same media editorial.

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Foundation: 2009


Management Board
Renato Ivanuš, CEO
Karlo Stojčević

Marko Dejanović


Newsroom d.o.o.
Oreškovićeva 6h/1
HR-10010 Zagreb
Tel +385 / 1 6300 789

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