Druck Carinthia

Newspaper printing is capable of doing much more than one might expect. ‘Druck Carinthia', located in St. Veit an der Glan in Carinthia, has proved this with great success.

It's not just two dailies and several weekly and monthly papers that are printed at this location of ‘Styria Print Group'; there's also a special focus on newspaper magazines. They are typically compact and appealing thanks to their magazine-like design. This allows them to stand out from the large volumes of printed advertising and newspaper supplements.

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Printing machine: 1 installation MAN Colorman

Printed newspapers per hour: 45,000 of 96 pages each

Dispatch facility: 1 installation FERAG


Managing director
Alexander Marko, MBA

DI Christian Wilms

Authorized signatory
Volker Rasse



Druck Carinthia
GmbH & Co KG
Industrieparkstraße 6
9300 St. Veit/Glan
Tel +43 / 4212 / 28 500 - 310
Fax +43 / 4212 / 28 500 - 304
Fax +43 / 4212 / 28 500 - 314

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